Ring-Ring, Ring-Ring
Went the little bell on the door to the diner
A well-kept man entered,
and sat next to a man with a shiner.

The fuzzy little TV was saying something ’bout last Christmas…
It was strange how many homes Santa had missed.

The well-kept man took off his scarf and unzipped his coat a little farther,
and he said, “Say, Partner,
“You see what those kids built just outside here, below the hedges?
It’s like a couple of big snow villages.”

The well-kept man had started the conversation with a friendly tone–
He felt for this round, tattered man, all alone,
appearing to have no home.

The tattered man thought, and said,

“Yeah, they’re good kids, that’s a fact,
it took them a while to build the train,
but once I explained,
it was flying along the tracks.”

“Ah,” thought the nice man,
“he must be insane,”
but then he heard. . .
little hoots from a train!

“You got them to build all that?”
said the well-kept man, surprised.
“You must really have a knack,”
he said with the train lights in his eyes.

“Sounds like you managed those kids pretty well,
and you sure know electronics, that i can tell.”

“Tell ya what, I’ve got a job opening,
You’ll come and work for me, that’s what I’m hoping.”

“What’s your name, and where do you live?”
The tattered man responded, “Uh, about that I’m not positive.”

“That’s ok, I’ve got an uncle whose bearded and fat,
we’ll call you Bob, how bout that?”

And so Bob went to work,
and worked every day,
ignoring all perks,
just working away,
managing things so that all was efficient,
-designing gadgets for all–that was his mission.

To Bob, the job seemed to fit him,
it kept him from thinking about that night and what hit him,
why it had happened, and why he was the victim.

he knew that it had happened on night in December,
but just what had happened, he could not remember.

Now, he didn’t understand why he did certain things,
or the familiarity some things would bring.

He knew people could sense
that he didn’t belong,
but didn’t know,
just what was wrong.

On the subway, as a midget walked past,
Bob got excited, and then loudly asked,
“Hey little elf, where is your hat?!
I bet you like candy and make toys really fast!”

And a couple of times at work Bob could hear,
as the ladies would whisper,
“why is Bob leaving me gifts, he’s so freaking weird,
and really odd mister.”

On his way from work late one night,
Bob saw a carriage, pulled by horses of white.
The driver asked Bob directions.
Bob said, “your problem, sir, is the intersections.
Just get your carriage way up in the air,
a left, then a right, and you’re there.”
Bob waited for a thanks,
but instead a finger was shared.

He made his way home, lonely and scared,
sad that his feelings were so rarely spared.
He stopped for some razors, which was rather rare,
with his face freely flowing with hair.
He walked up his stairs with a vacant stare,
and crawled into his tub to erase all his cares.

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