5 Gnomes

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5 tiny homes
nestled together on the forest floor.
5 shiny thrones
hidden behind porous wood doors.
Here sit 5 little gnomes
obeying their lore.

Each wear’s a hat.
and cute little boots.
they scamper about
in little cloth suits.

They work on their gardens
til the moon’s in the sky
they doze unaware
that they’re all soon to die.

Their stash of wealth,
no one else could surmise,
has a legend of stealth
and moral demise.

They protect the stash using magic and guile–
taking the worst and most tragic
with their little gnome smiles.

One little gnome
who lives in the middle,
won’t leave his home
without ‘his favoritist’ riddles

the gnome on the end
was shocked when he found him
“riddled” with bullets
and blood all around him

now this gnome from the home
that was built on the end
was slow and dimwitted
But this gnome was his friend.

He ran to the home of the gnome who was tough
But he saw on the floor he’d not be enough
“how could this happen, with our magic and stuff?”
That’s when he knew, as he stepped over guts
that lay spilled near the gnome who lay in the buff,
his naked flesh showing unimaginable cuts,
“I can’t believe it….it’s got to be…it’s got to be one of us…!”

He turned with a new brave intent,
that only a slaughter like this
had the gall to invent.

But as he turned, in a hurried swivel,
into the top of his skull, went a little gnome chisel.
His sight faded dark and he thought with a tickle
about rejoining his friend, the gnome from the middle.

The gnome from the home just to the right
let out a little gnome yawn
as he came into sight.

Hey, are you guys making raspberry jelly?
He asked, seeing the mess,
then a shiv through his belly
added more fruit to the rest.

The little homicidal gnome began to advance in the silence
through the forest air that was once rampant with violence.

but when he got to the spot he had in his mind
There was no more treasure to find.
Instead, two little hands grabbed his chin from behind.

They turned his neck til the little spine broke
The last little gnome sounded kind as he spoke,
“you did very well to kill the other gnome folk,
I’m sure you’ll regret I ever awoke”

And he took out his “favoritist” book to add his last riddle,
then crawled back to his home, the one in the middle.

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